Preparing Korean Ginseng Tea


Preparing Korean Ginseng Tea



One of the most popular and well-loved drinks in Korea is the insam cha or ginseng tea. This tea is just a great beverage to consume on a cold day as its punch and aroma will just give your entire body the warmth and jolt it needs. Ginseng is also known for its revitalizing and restorative properties, which is why a lot of Koreans drink insam cha after a tiring day or whenever they are sick. The great thing is that tea is ridiculously easy to prepare, so go ahead and follow the steps below so you can have your own dose of Korean ginseng tea any time:


Ginseng root





If you have a tea ball, then shave pieces of fresh ginseng root and put into tea ball. Steep in very hot (but not boiling) water for 5 minutes. Add honey to taste.

If you do not have a tea ball, then peel the ginseng root and make 7 or 8 thin slices. Coat the ginseng with a generous amount of honey and let sit for 15 minutes. Pour very hot (but not boiling) water over the ginseng and honey and let steep for 5-10 minutes.

Scoop or strain out ginger slices and enjoy.

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Some ginseng teas can be too overwhelming for some, so do not hesitate to mix your tea with ginger or green teas. Feel free to mix according to your desired tastes. Also, do not forget to consult your physician before starting any ginseng tea drinking routine. This is particularly relevant to those who are pregnant or have other medical issues. Ginseng can perk up your body in various ways especially when it is combined with certain ingredients, so always be on the safe side by consulting medical professionals first before undergoing any beverage regimen.

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