Preparing Korean Ginseng Tea


Preparing Korean Ginseng Tea



One of the most popular and well-loved drinks in Korea is the insam cha or ginseng tea. This tea is just a great beverage to consume on a cold day as its punch and aroma will just give your entire body the warmth and jolt it needs. Ginseng is also known for its revitalizing and restorative properties, which is why a lot of Koreans drink insam cha after a tiring day or whenever they are sick. The great thing is that tea is ridiculously easy to prepare, so go ahead and follow the steps below so you can have your own dose of Korean ginseng tea any time:


Ginseng root





If you have a tea ball, then shave pieces of fresh ginseng root and put into tea ball. Steep in very hot (but not boiling) water for 5 minutes. Add honey to taste.

If you do not have a tea ball, then peel the ginseng root and make 7 or 8 thin slices. Coat the ginseng with a generous amount of honey and let sit for 15 minutes. Pour very hot (but not boiling) water over the ginseng and honey and let steep for 5-10 minutes.

Scoop or strain out ginger slices and enjoy.

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Some ginseng teas can be too overwhelming for some, so do not hesitate to mix your tea with ginger or green teas. Feel free to mix according to your desired tastes. Also, do not forget to consult your physician before starting any ginseng tea drinking routine. This is particularly relevant to those who are pregnant or have other medical issues. Ginseng can perk up your body in various ways especially when it is combined with certain ingredients, so always be on the safe side by consulting medical professionals first before undergoing any beverage regimen.

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Korean Alchohol Feature: Makkoli


Korean Alcohol Feature: Makkoli

We have already mentioned in one of our previous articles that Koreans love their alcohol as drinking in itself is a big part of Korean culture. Today we are going to feature a famous traditional alcoholic beverage that you may or may not have heard before: makkoli. We figured that it will be best for you to get to know this drink because it might just become one of your Korean beverage favourites once you get a taste of it!



Here are a few characteristics of makkoli that you should know:

1. It is considered as Korea’s oldest liquor.

Makkoli, which is also known as the farmers’ alcohol, has been around even when Korea is still far from being the industrialized country that it is today. It has become the favoured drink among farmers and other members of the working class because it is cheap and is also generally easy to produce given that its main ingredient, rice, is vastly abundant. And given its long, historical presence in Korea, drinking makkoli has already been a part of a majority of Korean traditions, particularly during rites that pay respects to ancestors.

2. It is also called Korean rice wine.

The way makkoli is produced is through the fermentation of roughly strained rice grains and water. The by-product of this process is a sweet, milk-coloured liquid that has around 6%-8% alcohol content after it becomes distilled. The thick texture and sweet taste of makkoli makes it different from soju, another popular Korean alcoholic drink that has a higher alcoholic content than makkoli.

3. It is a healthy alcoholic drink.

Here’s another valid excuse as to why you should consider drinking makkoli once in a while. A majority of Korean elders prefer to drink makkoli not only because it has lesser alcoholic content, but also because it has a good amount of probiotics or good bacteria to fight diseases and dietary fibre to promote healthy digestion. This drink has also been reported to prevent certain types of cancer. Makolli truly seems to be a healthier alternative for individuals who want to stick to their healthy regimen while still consuming very moderate amounts of alcohol.

4. It is often paired with bar food.

A drinking session is not complete without eating some great side dishes or bar food that go well with alcohol. Makkoli tastes great with a variety of anju or bar food such as Korean-style pancakes (pajeon). People who prefer lighter fare can also drink makkoli with cheese, bite-sized chunks of meat, biscuits, or even bread.

5. It is cheap and can be served in various ways.

Makkolis can be bought in almost all convenience stores in Korea and are being sold for as low as a dollar per bottle. Traditionally, this drink is being served on a huge bowl where partakers use a ladle to fill their respective cups. Now, stores usually sell makkoli in plastic containers. It might also be interesting for you to know that some restaurants serve this beverage in wooden kettles so that drinkers can experience a slightly traditional feel of drinking makkoli.

Have you ever tried makkoli before? If so, then how did you like it? Share all your makkoli-drinking experiences down on the comments section below. And make sure that you have your makkolis ready for your next Korean BBQ feast! Drop us a line today at Korean BBQ Online so we can help you prepare for your next Korean BBQ gathering.


4 Wonderful Ways to Use Supergrain Misugaru


4 Wonderful Ways to Use Supergrain Misugaru

Misugaru, the grain powder composed of seeds, milled grains, and beans is now commonly found in a lot of Korean beverages and is also being used in a wide variety of foreign recipes due to its superfood qualities. The different grains that comprise this powder, such as barley, brown rice, and black rice, among others, just make misugaru a very healthy food item that is known to boost one’s body protection against a lot of diseases.

Don’t fret if you think that putting misugaru in your favourite drinks and even dishes will make them taste like medicine. In most occasions, this grain powder will actually even enhance the flavour of your food or drink. Often misugaru is just being added into sweetened water or milk and that’s it – you already have your own misugaru beverage. However, we have made a list of other delicious drinks that you can have with misugaru. Now who said that healthy can’t be tasty?

misugaru latte


1. Misugaru Latte

Those who are fond of their caffeine fix every morning will enjoy a cup of latte with misugaru. Not only will your body be enjoying the benefits of being perked up by your cup of coffee in the morning, you will also get to experience the immune-boosting wonders of misugaru all in one cup. What a perfect way to start your day!



2. Misugaru Smoothie

Lovers of smoothies can definitely make their drinks a lot healthier by adding a spoonful of misugaru. A great and healthy version of smoothie that you can make is the one that combines, almond milk, bananas, mangoes, sugar or honey for sweetening, and of course misugaru. This is one perfect drink to get your body ready to face the day! Feel free to experiment with other ingredients and share with us your own version of misugaru smoothie.



3. Multigrain Misugaru Frappe

Why don’t you take your frappe to another level by adding some misugaru in it? Frappe aficionados might take a while to get used to the nutty texture that misugaru will give to their favourite beverage, but the affection for it will eventually follow. Not only is your frappe healthier because it has no caffeine, this drink will also energize your entire body given that it is full of energy-boosting grains.

ice cream


4. No-Cook Superfood Ice Cream

Who says that you can only enjoy misugaru in drinks? You can definitely have a great scoop of no-frills ice cream with misugaru. Now you don’t have to feel completely guilty every time you will get a scoop of this ice cream version given the health benefits that misugaru provides. Try making your own vanilla or chocolate ice cream with misugaru and let us know how the powder affected the taste.

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