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We are, simply put, Sydney’s best and only Korean BBQ online delivery service.

You may have stumbled upon this site by accident or perhaps you want to know more about Korean BBQ. Regardless, what you are now seeing is the product of our passion: to see more and more people enjoy top-quality Korean food.

Who we are

We are two brothers whose love for food extends beyond what we say. We know what’s excellent and what’s mediocre, and we want others to experience that same glorious comfort that we feel whenever we taste some finger-lickin’ BBQ (among others).

For us, food is not just something we consume. Food breaks barriers, promotes understanding, cultivates kindness, and forges new relationships. This principle is what drives us to go at great lengths just to provide you with the very best of what Korean BBQ has to offer.

Frankly speaking, we simply know what you deserve.

A History of Excellence

For more than 20 years we have consistently supplied our local community with the finest and juiciest meats that have since been a part of every memorable Korean dining experience.

The unparalleled trust that a lot of people gave us has transformed our humble Korean butcher shop in the little –Korea suburb of Strathfield into one of the most premiere suppliers of meat to some of the most well-acclaimed Korean BBQ restaurants in Sydney.

Consistent Quality

We are here to help you transform your Korean dining experience into something extraordinary sans the exorbitant costs. And we will do this by supplying you with only the very best Korean BBQ food that you will ever lay your eyes on. From mouth-watering pork bellies to the best kimchis you will ever taste, we assure you that our products will always make your Korean BBQ feasts a marvelous homerun.

Authentic and hassle-free service

We’ve been in the meat supply business for so long that we already know how to understand your dining needs. Top-quality Korean food is and will always be a just a few clicks away. We will remain in touch if ever you have doubts or questions. We will always try to find a way, because honestly, nothing satisfies us more than seeing you succeed in achieving that unforgettable Korean dining experience.

Start getting our products to your doorstep with ease.

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