5 must-try side dishes for your next BBQ feast

myeolchi bokkeum

5 must-try side dishes for your next BBQ feast

Banchan or the Korea’s version of side dishes is eaten in almost every Korean meal. You might have noticed these complimentary sides the last time you ate in a Korean restaurant. The awesome thing about these banchans is that they are savoury on their own that it just perfectly starts the awesome Korean meal that is about to happen.

We understand that identifying or even remembering the names of each Korean side dish can be quite a challenge at first on your part because there are hundreds of them. So in addition to your usual kimchi, we at Korean BBQ Online share our list below of 5 tasty banchans that you should look out for the next time:

1. Myulchi Bokkeum (fried anchovies)

myeolchi bokkeum

This is one popular ba   nchan that can be quite addicting due to its crunchiness and perfect combination of saltiness and sweetness. You can also experiment with the taste by adding some honey or sesame seed oil on the anchovies.

2. Sukjunamul (mung bean sprouts)

sukjunamul muchim

This is one of the easiest banchans to make because it is just a combination of mung bean sprouts, garlic, sesame oil, and a dash of salt. You can also try adding some cucumbers into the mix for more variety. This crunchy side dish just tastes so clean and fresh you’ll be tempted to order more.

3. Japchae (glass noodles)


These are noodles made from sweet potatoes and then stir-fried using sesame oil. People often put some vegetables and meat into this dish which makes it a great main dish as well. This is definitely one of the healthier Korean noodles that you’ll ever get to taste!

4. Yeongeun Jorim (candied lotus root)

Yeongeun Jorim

You’re missing out on a lot if you still haven’t tasted this side dish. The lotus plant is more found in Asia and Australia and has only started to be featured in western dishes. The marinated lotus root has a great combination of saltiness and sweetness which makes it just perfect to munch on before eating a full-course meal.

5. Ojingeochae Muchim (dried shredded squid)

ojingeochae muchim

Here’s another banchan that perfectly executes that salty and sweet taste. Think of this side dish as squid jerky. In fact, this has been a huge hit that shredded squid is now being mass-produced and sold in various stores in the western hemisphere.


We hope we gave you some great ideas on other interesting banchans to serve during your Korean BBQ meals. We at Korean BBQ Online can take care of your sides and sauces. Feel free to contact us today so we can deliver them straight to your doorstep!

Cheap Korean food for budget travelers

korean street food

Cheap Korean food for budget travelers

Seoul might be one of the most expensive and cosmopolitan cities in the world, but that does not mean that this bustling city does not have affordable food options. You can definitely still enjoy Seoul and its plethora of dining choices without burning a hole in your pocket. So to all the budget travelers out there, today’s article is for you. There’s no need to deprive yourself of some great eating when you can get the following food choices for less than five dollars:


1. Food items from kimbap Restaurant

kimbap house

Think of kimbap restaurant as Korea’s version of American fast food. The food served here are generally cheap and not really that bad when it comes to taste and quality. Feel free to feed yourself with affordable ramyeon noodles, bibimbap, dumplings, meat stews, and a whole lot more for a price that usually won’t exceed 6,000 won. 


2. Take-away pizza

pizza school itaewon

Nothing can instantly fill your stomach more than a good slice of pizza, but pizza shop giants like Pizza Hut and Domino’s have quite pricey pizzas in South Korea. But pizza lovers should not fret as smaller pizza shops like Pizza School sell whole pies for less than 6,000 won. Not only do these pizza pies come in different flavors, they can also feed approximately 3-4 people.


3. Kimbap (Korean Sushi)

homeplus kimbap

If you are craving for a quick sushi fix, then going to supermarkets like Home Plus or E-Mart will be your best bet. These establishments sell a diverse variety of ready-to-eat sushi that sell for less than 600 won per piece. With a per piece rate this cheap, feel free to buy more than 10 pieces for a filling lunch or dinner!


4. Bunshik (Street Food)

korean street food

Another way to get immersed into Korean culture without breaking the bank is to try the delicious Korean street food or bunshik. Food trucks selling cheap food can be found almost anywhere in South Korea. Examples of must-try bunshiks are the twigim (fried treats), rice cakes, fish cakes and a lot more. And these savoury street food items generally cost only 5,500 won or even less, which is just perfect for people who have limited budget but still want to be adventurous when it comes to eating.


5. Doshirak (lunch boxes)


Always be on the look out for supermarkets and other food establishments that actually sell lunch box sets to people who are always on the go. An example of these places is Hansot Doshirak where most lunch box sets sell for less than 6,000 won. For this set you already usually have an egg, a rice dish and two tasty sides. This is not too bad at all!


We at Korean BBQ Online would like to know more about your suggestions on where budget travelers can eat affordable meals in Korea. Please share them all in the comments section below!

What makes Korean food Korean?

korean food restaurant

What makes Korean food Korean?

In a world that offers a massive array of cuisines from all over, the Korean food definitely knows how to distinguish itself. Today we are going to feature what makes Korean food distinctly Korean, and we believe that this is especially helpful for people out there who have yet to fully familiarize themselves with Korean cuisine. But for those who are already Korean foodies by heart and soul, we are sure that you will be nodding your heads in affirmation as you go through this article. Now allow us to brief you with the typical characteristics of Korean food:


1. Spice.
Koreans know their spice, and man do they use it so well. Vinegar, wine, garlic, sesame, ginger, bean paste, peppers, soy sauce, you name it. Koreans will never back down in intensifying their food’s flavors using a variety of spices. Oh the sensory feast!


2. Side dish.
It’s almost impossible to enjoy a typical Korean meal without a side dish, and honestly, these side dishes are actually already very tasty on their own. From the most popular Korean side dish of all time, kimchi, to the equally common ones like shrimps, fish, cabbage, lettuce, steamed veggies, and beef, ah, your meal is just bound for awesomeness. Make those delectable side dishes by checking out what we offer!

3. Meat, meat, meat.
eat galbi like a pro
Of course! This is why we all love Korean BBQ! We are all too familiar with the cuts, the marinades, and the dipping sauces. And how can we forget that distinct flavor and tenderness that only Korean BBQ meats can deliver? Check out our offering of marinated and non-marinated meats AND wagyus today!

4. Soups.
mae un tang
Koreans love their soups that are just packed with flavor. Regardless of whether you prefer having a hot and spicy soup to feel warm during the cold weather or just a simple vegetable and beef broth on a normal, sunny day, there are always a Korean soup that will suit your preferences and tastes.

5. Healthy balance.
healthy balance
Korean dishes are known for how healthily balanced they are. Yes, you have the meats, but Koreans don’t forget their vegetables and grains on the side. It’s very common for Koreans to wrap their meats using vegetable leaves for eating or to devour veggie-based side dishes to complement their meat-heavy feasts. Regardless of how much Korean cuisine has grown and evolved, this healthily balanced concept of Korean food has always remained.


Feel free to comment below on any characteristic of Korean food that we’ve missed! And don’t forget to check out our Korean BBQ Online menu so you can bring that awesome Korean dishy goodness conveniently to your home.