What makes Korean food Korean?

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What makes Korean food Korean?

In a world that offers a massive array of cuisines from all over, the Korean food definitely knows how to distinguish itself. Today we are going to feature what makes Korean food distinctly Korean, and we believe that this is especially helpful for people out there who have yet to fully familiarize themselves with Korean cuisine. But for those who are already Korean foodies by heart and soul, we are sure that you will be nodding your heads in affirmation as you go through this article. Now allow us to brief you with the typical characteristics of Korean food:


1. Spice.
Koreans know their spice, and man do they use it so well. Vinegar, wine, garlic, sesame, ginger, bean paste, peppers, soy sauce, you name it. Koreans will never back down in intensifying their food’s flavors using a variety of spices. Oh the sensory feast!


2. Side dish.
It’s almost impossible to enjoy a typical Korean meal without a side dish, and honestly, these side dishes are actually already very tasty on their own. From the most popular Korean side dish of all time, kimchi, to the equally common ones like shrimps, fish, cabbage, lettuce, steamed veggies, and beef, ah, your meal is just bound for awesomeness. Make those delectable side dishes by checking out what we offer!

3. Meat, meat, meat.
eat galbi like a pro
Of course! This is why we all love Korean BBQ! We are all too familiar with the cuts, the marinades, and the dipping sauces. And how can we forget that distinct flavor and tenderness that only Korean BBQ meats can deliver? Check out our offering of marinated and non-marinated meats AND wagyus today!

4. Soups.
mae un tang
Koreans love their soups that are just packed with flavor. Regardless of whether you prefer having a hot and spicy soup to feel warm during the cold weather or just a simple vegetable and beef broth on a normal, sunny day, there are always a Korean soup that will suit your preferences and tastes.

5. Healthy balance.
healthy balance
Korean dishes are known for how healthily balanced they are. Yes, you have the meats, but Koreans don’t forget their vegetables and grains on the side. It’s very common for Koreans to wrap their meats using vegetable leaves for eating or to devour veggie-based side dishes to complement their meat-heavy feasts. Regardless of how much Korean cuisine has grown and evolved, this healthily balanced concept of Korean food has always remained.


Feel free to comment below on any characteristic of Korean food that we’ve missed! And don’t forget to check out our Korean BBQ Online menu so you can bring that awesome Korean dishy goodness conveniently to your home.

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