LA-style Galbi vs. Korean-style Galbi


LA-style Galbi vs. Korean-style Galbi



You may all know now what galbi is and perhaps you’ve already ordered some in a Korean BBQ restaurant. But do you know that there are two popular styles of galbi? You may have noticed in some Korean restaurants or even in some supermarkets that they are offering LA and Korean style galbis. But what exactly are they and what are their distinguishing characteristics? For today’s article we are going to give you a quick comparative overview of these two styles of galbi:


Korean style galbi are beef spare ribs that are approximately 3-4 inches tall and are cut long and thin to make a flap. The resulting flaps are sometimes wrapped around the ribs for around three to five times. On the other hand, LA Style galbi or beef short ribs are usually 3-4 inches tall and 5-7 inches long. The thickness usually varies between 1/4-1/3 inches.

Cutting and preparation

Korean-style galbi is portioned in segments across the rib bones and is thicker, whereas the LA-style galbi is cut through the rib bone, thereby resulting in the appearance of 3 eyes of rib bones. In other words, the Korean-style is cut parallel whereas the LA-style is cut perpendicular to the bone. As a result, the LA style is generally more tender and thinner, thereby allowing the marinade to penetrate into the meat more quickly. It is also much quicker to cook Korean-style galbis on a grill given its thinness.

Given that Korean-style galbi is thicker, chefs in galbi restaurants take more considerable time in cutting the meat because of the amount of effort that must be put in to get the meat’s desired dimensions. This also explains why traditional style galbis are generally more expensive than LA-style galbis in light of the more intensive work required in producing the cuts. On the other hand, LA-style galbis do not really require that much slicing because all that usually needs to be done is for the bone pieces and excess fats to be rinsed.

Despite the differences in the dimensions and the way the meats are being cut and prepared, it is known that Korean and LA-style galbis taste the same when marinated and grilled.

Which type of galbi do you prefer and why? We want to know Feel free to leave us a comment. And regardless of the kind of galbi that you want, Korean BBQ Online delivers. Check out our website today and experience how easy it is to get your Korean BBQ meats delivered to your doorstep.

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