Enjoying Korean BBQ as a Vegan


Enjoying Korean BBQ as a Vegan



Who said that you cannot have your own Korean BBQ feast if you are a vegan? You may not be eating any form of meat and dairy, but that does not mean that you are automatically excluded from all things delicious and fun that only a typical Korean BBQ meal can provide. Here are some tips on how you can prepare and enjoy your vegan-style Korean BBQ:

Enjoy your fill of vegetable banchans

You already know by now that Korean BBQ meals always have those tasty banchans on the side. Given that Korean cuisine always emphasizes balance in all of its meals, expect that there will be lot of vegetable-based banchans to rule the dining table. Have your fill of fresh vegetables such as lettuce, radish, peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms and eggplant. And of course, how can we even forget tofu which is considered by many as a great substitute for meat!

Have fun grilling your vegetables

If you are worried that you will not really be able to enjoy a Korean BBQ as a vegan because you won’t be able to grill cuts of meat, then you’re mistaken! Pumpkins and eggplants are just two vegetables that are commonly found in a lot of Korean meals that just taste so great when grilled. On top of that, you can also grill to perfection peppers, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and even mushrooms. Do not hesitate to experiment!

Host your own vegan Korean BBQ party!

Now that you know that you can actually enjoy Korean BBQ despite being a vegan, then why don’t throw your own Korean BBQ feast at home? It’s time to make use of that portable skillet or set up your own Korean BBQ grill. Marinate all those mushrooms, extra firm tofu and some vegetables of your choice. Cook some rice and prepare some kimchi and radish salad on the side. Or perhaps you fancy making some vegan kimbab and pancakes as additional banchans? And lastly, invite everyone to grill the vegetables and enjoy everyone’s company. Wow, we’re confident that this is just one perfect vegan Korean BBQ experience.

Have you tried a vegan Korean BBQ feast before? Share your experience with us! And if you want to bring authentic Korean BBQ to your home, then Korean BBQ Online has your back. Contact us today so we can serve you!

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