Eating samgyeopsal like a pro

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Eating samgyeopsal like a pro

Samgyeopsal is one of those pork belly dishes that you will almost always see in any Korean BBQ feast. What can we say – Koreans love their pork so much! The cuts for this meat are much thicker and are often served uncooked and unmarinated. This means that you will be doing all of the grilling and portioning of the cuts into smaller pieces so that they will be cooked evenly and thoroughly. That said, be prepared for all the smoke that will follow because it’s all part of the Korean BBQ fun!

Another delightful thing when ordering samgyeopsal is the variety of colorful side dishes and dipping sauces that will come with it. Kimchi, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, onions, ginger, lettuce, ssamjang, gireumjang – you name it. You’ll really be in for some gastronomic treat!

Once you’ve done your part in the cutting, flipping and grilling of the meat, then it’s time to eat the product of your labor. Don’t go fast in grabbing those chopsticks now because we will brief you on how to best eat samgyeopsal. Here are some basic steps on how you can eat samgyeopsal like a Korean:

  1. Take a piece of your lettuce or of the vegetable leaf that you prefer.
  2. Get a portion of your grilled meat, dip it in your preferred dipping sauce (i.e., gireumjang), and then put it on your leaf.
  3. Add the sides that were served to you depending on your preference. Ssamjang, kimchi, grilled vegetables, rice, mushrooms… the floor is yours!
  4. Once you’re done stuffing your leaf, you roll the leaf up just like a burrito and then eat the entire thing in one go.

And that’s it! Just some delicious explosion in your mouth right then and there thanks to samgyeopsal.

If you wish to enjoy samgyeopsal right at the comforts of your own home, then always remember that Korean BBQ Online is here to deliver.

How about you? How do you eat your samgyeopsal?

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