5 tips to save time in Korean cooking

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5 tips to save time in Korean cooking

People might find Korean dish preparations as intimidating given the diverse ingredients being used and the wide array of side dishes that are available. However, we can guarantee you that Korean cooking can be possibly done in a highly efficient manner for as long as you prepare and observe the following tips:


1. Prep in advance as many ingredients as you can.

Chop and puree ahead of time whatever ingredients you can chop and puree. Ingredients like scallions, tomatoes, peppers and a lot more can be sliced in advance to save time. There are also some pre-chopped ingredients in the supermarket if you really want to save time or if you are in a hurry.


2. Marinate meat in bulk.

If you want to save on time and costs, then always shop for meat in bulk that are available in a good price. You then marinate them in advance and place them in your freezer for storage. Doing this is definitely a timesaver as all you’ll worry about is cooking the marinated meat itself. Plus, you can host more Korean BBQ feasts at home given your stock of marinated meat!


3. Always stock on Korean soups and broths

It is very common for Koreans to have soups on almost every meal, so it is always best to have soup stocks stored in your fridge just in case you have to prepare Korean dinner for unexpected guests. These are the kinds of stocks that take only less than 30 minutes to heat up.


4. Improvise on your side dishes.

We know that there are hundreds and hundreds of possible Korean side dishes out there. This idea alone can be daunting at first, but this actually gives a lot of room for improvisation because the side dish possibilities are plentiful. Side dishes can be as simple as grilled vegetables or anchovies anyway, so feel free to spice things up and devise new side dishes based on your tastes and on what’s available in your pantry.


5. Let modern kitchen tools save your day.

There’s a reason why rice cookers and crock pots exist, and that is to make your life at the kitchen much easier. Feel free to go to various kitchen stores or supermarkets to invest on practical tools that will make your cooking way easier and more efficient. For instance, using steam bags can be used to quickly steam vegetables. Indoor grills can also help you save time compared with the longer preparation of food that must be done if you do the grilling outside.


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