5 Korean BBQ Meat Cuts You MUST Try!

marbled cube roll (ggotdeungshim)

5 Korean BBQ meat cuts that you should try right now

Learning the different types of Korean meat cuts can be intimidating at first, but we all know that nothing’s going to really stop a Korean food lover like you from learning anything, right? You’re definitely not a novice now when it comes to Korean meats, and now you’re determined to learn various Korean meat cuts so you can finally host your own Korean BBQ party.

For today we decided to feature 5 Korean BBQ meat cuts that may not be common but are still worth trying. So before you raid the supermarket and eventually impress your loved ones and peers with your mad culinary skills, allow us to orient you what’s the deal with the following meat cuts:

1. Hanjeongsal (pork jowl)
pork jowl (hanjeongsal)

These are meat cuts coming from the front part of a pig’s neck. The cuts for this portion are very detailed and you can only get a few of these cuts from one pig. Despite this limitation, this meat cut is known for its even marbling and is very much known for its silkiness, chewiness, tenderness, and juiciness.

2. Chadolbaegi (beef brisket)
beef brisket (chadolbaegi)

This is one of those meat cuts that must be sliced very, very thinly because of its heavy marbling. The way this particular cut is sliced (ultra thin) will then help it not give an overwhelming fatty taste to the dish. If you want to enjoy the marbling quality of beef without going over your budget, then this meat cut is for you. And oh, a piece of advice: chadolbaegi cooks easily, so always make sure that your eyes are on it to avoid overcooking.

3. Gotdeungshim (marbled cube roll)
marbled cube roll (ggotdeungshim)

If you are a fan of rib eye steaks, then rejoice! This meat cut is for you. The cube roll (or more commonly known as rib eye) is removed from the part that covers around five to twelve ribs of the animal’s carcass. The ribs are deboned during the process, making this meat cut versatile and just perfect for dishes like shabu shabu.

4. Galbisal (beef rib fingers)
beef rib fingers (galbisal)

This meat cut is known for its tenderness and, as the name denotes, is almost the same size as human fingers. It does not really matter if you want to braise, boil or grill this awesome meat cut. Just like chadolbaegi, it is very easy to overcook galbisal. You do not really want to eat tough beef rib fingers, so just make sure that you got your timing right when cooking galbisal.

5. Duck breast fillet
duck breast

This meat cut shares more similar characteristics with that of a red meat, although the way it is cooked is more or less the same as how you would cook other poultry meat. Although duck breasts have lower saturated fats, this meat is still known for its health benefits, such as fortifying one’s stamina and immune system. Tip: if you want a more tender and savoury duck breast fillet, then make sure you get the cut from younger ducks.

The good news for you guys is that Korean BBQ Online sells all of these meat cuts! We’re so excited for you to have a memorable Korean BBQ feast, so please don’t hesitate to send us an email if you wish to learn more information about any of these top-quality meats. And of course, feel free to comment below so we will know what types of meat cuts you like best!

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