5 Tips in Marinating Your Korean BBQ Meat


5 Tips in Marinating Your Korean BBQ Meat

The process of marinating your Korean BBQ meats is an important step in your Korean BBQ preparations. Marinades help in making your meats tender and getting a more enriched flavour, so it is crucial for the process of marinating to be done right. If you are new to marinating meats in general, then you are reading the right article right now. Here are our 5 tips that should help you marinate your Korean BBQ meats like a pro:



1. Mind your marinade to meat ratio

Marinades are expected to seep in to the innermost portions of the meat, so make marinades that are thin in consistency. A typical marinade-to-meat ration is half a cup of marinade for every pound of meat. This rule is not set in stone though because you can obviously use a bit more marinade than the prescribed amount.

2. Mind the temperature

Perhaps you’ve read in some recipes that you should marinate your meats at room temperature. The danger of following this advice is that the bacteria on the meat can quickly multiply in warm environments. That said, we suggest that you marinate in an environment where the temperature is cold to avoid the risk of food contamination. An example is to marinate your Korean BBQ meats in your refrigerator.

3. Mind the containers you marinate your meats in

Given that most Korean BBQ marinades are acidic in nature, then do not marinate your meats in a metal container because acids react with metal. Instead of using metallic containers, we recommend that you use glass containers or plastic bags. Marinating your meats in a re-sealable plastic bag where all of the air is blocked out will allow your meats to get soaked completely into the marinade.

4. Mind the length of time to marinate your meats

The cut, type, and size of the BBQ meats that you have will affect the length of time it takes to marinate them. Pork, beef and lamb usually take two to four hours, or sometimes even overnight. This also applies to poultry like chicken. Also, it is not true that a meat’s shelf life will get extended simply because you marinated it.

5. Mind how you use your marinades

Never use marinades that have been unused to avoid food contamination. You can also prepare two batches of marinade for your uncooked and cooked meats. If in case that you do need to use some of the marinade that you have used on the uncooked meats, then you can always boil your marinade for at least six minutes to kill all the unwanted bacteria.

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