5 essentials for doing Korean BBQ at home

friends eating kBBQ

5 essentials for doing Korean BBQ at home

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to have your Korean BBQ meals at home. And we are not only talking about the convenience that this experience gives, we are also stressing the awesome dining memories that can only be formed with your loved ones and peers right at the comforts of your own home. We are very sure that you are excited to host your own Korean BBQ feast, so allow us to give you a brief rundown of the 5 important things that you need to make that BBQ meal so on point:

  1. Get your equipment ready!

hot plate - round

Make sure that you already have a Korean BBQ hot plate and a portable gas stove or a charcoal grill with charcoal. In addition, we recommend you have a pair of tongs to turn the meat, and a pair of scissors to cut the meat into bite sized pieces. We at Korean BBQ Online are always ready to get these equipment to your doorstep and all you have to do is to order these items through us online. We provide the best equipment that you can use to start doing your own memorable Korean BBQ feasts.

  1. Get your meat!

marinated pork galbi

By now we’re certain that you already have some knowledge of the different kinds and cuts of meat that you can use for your Korean BBQ meals. The great news for you is that Korean BBQ Online has a wide array of marinated and non-marinated meats that you can choose from. Now you can conveniently order your pork bulgogis, pork bellies, rib fingers and even premium wagyu cuts online. There will be no more hassles on your end because we always promptly deliver every time, all the time.

  1. Get your greens!


By now you know that Korean dishes are always balanced. It’s not only meat, meat and more meat. Leafy greens will always have a place in any Korean meals so make sure that you have enough stock of these nutritious veggies. Korean BBQ Online can provide you with the best quality wrapping lettuce and Korean perilla leaf that will just be perfect for your Korean eating sessions.

  1. Get your dipping sauces!

dipping sauces

Of course you will never forget to have those tasty dipping sauces that will only further enhance your meats’ savoury and juicy flavours. Whether you want ssamjang or some hot chilli for some spicy action, Korean BBQ Online will always ensure that you have dipping sauces to make your Korean BBQ feast completely special.

  1. Get your loved ones!

friends eating kBBQ

Family, friends, and even acquaintances… it’s time to finally exchange stories and make new memories at the dining table, thanks to your lovely Korean BBQ at home session. Great food is always best shared with others, don’t you agree?

Korean BBQ Online is glad to be a part of your unforgettable Korean dining experiences. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions about starting your own Korean BBQ feasts at home or about any of the products that we offer!

Eat Galbi Like A Pro!

eat galbi like a pro

Eat galbi like a pro

So you finally know what galbi is, and perhaps you just tasted one for the first time recently. But do you actually know how to eat galbi the Korean way? Don’t get us wrong – you can eat it anyway you want (we promise we won’t judge), and there’s really no perfect method to eat it. But it would still be cool to know how Koreans actually eat it, and frankly, there’s no one else to best learn it than from Koreans themselves.  So let’s get started!

Pro-tip #1: Don’t only order
food for yourself

One of the best characteristics of a typical Korean meal is its communal nature – you share the food that you’re about to partake with everyone else. So whenever you’re with your Korean friends, always do your best to order food that you know that the rest will also enjoy. The more people involved, the merrier the dining experience will be! Another tip is that when you order in a Korean restaurant, don’t go all out immediately with your orders as if you haven’t eaten for a thousand years. Only order dishes that you think you can finish, and then you order again when you feel that you still want to eat. Remember: wasting food is a big no-no!

Pro-tip #2: Wrap that

So we’re sure that you now know that Koreans use their greens like lettuce or cabbage to wrap their galbi. Some people prefer to put only their meats in their wraps, but some also add other sides like garlic, rice or even kimchi to increase their galbi’s flavour and texture. So you do whatever you want to do! However, one noticeable practice among Koreans when eating their galbi is that they put their wraps into their mouths on one go. They don’t bite it piece by piece – they just eat it as a whole! When you think about it, doing this will actually make eating galbi more pleasurable because of the explosion of flavour that will happen in your mouth!

Pro-tip #3: Grill your kimchi and garlic

For a more savoury burst of flavour, grill your kimchi and garlic using sesame oil before you put these two in your galbi wrap. You can of course opt to not touch the garlic if you don’t want your breath to have that strong garlick-y smell.

Pro-tip #4:
Don’t miss out on the Naengmyeon or Doenjang jjigae

If you really want to eat galbi like a true Korean, then don’t hesitate to try Doenjang jjigae (soy bean paste stew) or Naengmyeon (cold buckwheat noodles). You might feel that eating either these two dishes is already a bit too much after all those wraps, but Koreans in general don’t feel that their galbi eating experience is complete if they don’t eat the noodles or stew.


There you go! I’m sure that you all have some galbi eating experiences or other pro-tips to share, so feel free to let us know everything down on the comments section below!