Why Everyone Loves Beef Bulgogi

The tastiest Beef Bulgogi from yours truly

When it comes to barbeque, we all love something that has the perfect grilled taste that is savoury, juicy, and of course appetising. Well, one thing that matches all of these descriptions is none other than Beef Bulgogi.

This is one of Korea’s best beef dishes that’s universally known for its amazingly delicious experience. The most common preparation method of this excellent dish is to marinate it before grilling it, commonly prepared using these ingredients: soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic, and pepper. These prime seasonings can vary upon the person’s preference but still will result in a very tasty, one-of-a-kind dish.

Today, there are new and exciting ways of cooking Bulgogi, but the most popular is pan-cooking. This is commonly accompanied with lettuce and other leafy vegetables to wrap a slice of the cooked meat – also great with Kimchi and Ssamjang as a side dish.

This is a favourite among meat lovers in Asia, and also exponentially spreading across the world, which begs the question…why does everyone love this food? – Because it is absolutely so tasty and tender that it literally can be felt slowly melting in one’s mouth! Although, this also is defined by the quality of meat one uses, the better the quality of meat, the more delicious it gets.

In addition, a major reason that many people keep coming back for more of this cuisine is that it is a very bonding experience. Bulgogi and Korean BBQ in general is usually cooked together by the family around a cooking pan or grill. This gives the perfect quality time to bond with each other while grilling the meat and while waiting for it to be cooked. It gives time to catch up with your loved ones — your friends, family, relatives, or even newly met acquaintances, and provides a one of a kind experience that one will miss.

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