Recipe: Seasoned bean sprout side dish (콩나물무침)

seasoned bean sprouts

Recipe: Seasoned bean sprout side dish (콩나물무침)

Today we are going to feature yet another nutritious and tasty side dish that is common to see in almost all Korean meals – bean sprouts! Bean sprouts are known for a wide variety of health benefits, such as improving one’s metabolism, increasing your body’s fiber and good enzyme supply,  lowering bad cholesterol, enhancing the overall condition of your skin, eyes, and immune system, and preventing the occurrence of anemia. Given this wide range of benefits, it’s not surprising anymore why Koreans love their bean sprouts!

This bean sprout side dish is usually served plain with few thinly sliced vegetables like carrots and spring onions thrown into the mix, although some prefer to spice things up a little bit by adding chili and pepper. The bean sprout side dish recipe that we have below will quickly teach you how to make the plain type. However, feel free to experiment by adding more ingredients into the list to make your sprout side dish taste more interesting.

Serves 4 people

Prep time: 15min


  • One small bag of bean sprouts
  • carrot
  • Spring onion

Sauce ingredients

  • Perilla oil (들기름) 1T
  • Sesame oil (참기름) 1T
  • Salt 1T
  • A little bit of sugar
  • Sesame seeds
  • Salt when boiling the bean sprouts 1T)




  1. Add 1T Salt to boiling water.
  2. Wash the fresh bean sprouts.
  3. While scooping out the bean sprouts’ outer skins, add the bean sprouts to the boiling water.
  4. After the water starts boiling again, boil the bean sprouts for around 5-8 minutes until you can smell the distinct smell of boiled bean sprouts.
  5. After boiling, immediately wash the bean sprouts in cold water to give the bean sprouts a crispy texture.
  6. Drain away the excess water and then place the washed bean sprouts in a bowl.
  7. To create a nice colour, add a small amount of thinly sliced carrots and spring onion.
  8. Mix the perilla oil, sesame oil, 1T salt, little bit of sugar, and sesame seeds to form the sauce.
  9. Add the sauce to the bean sprouts, carrot, and spring onion mix. Mix well.
  10. Serve in a small side dish bowl and enjoy!


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Care to share how you make your own version of seasoned bean sprout side dish? Comment below!