How to use your Korean BBQ hot plate

Korean BBQ at Home

How to use your Korean BBQ hot plate 

So you just invested in a Korean BBQ hot plate because you’re too eager to finally have your own Korean BBQ feasts at home. But do you actually know how to use them? If not, then we got you absolutely covered.

Here are some straightforward steps that you can follow so you can maximize the benefits of having your own Korean BBQ hot plate at home:

Step 1: Make sure you have your portable gas stove and cooking utensils ready. The primary utensils you will need are small tongs to turn the meat, and a pair of kitchen scissors.

Step 2: Stabilize your hot plate on the gas stove by using its feet. Both of their stands should be compatible so they can fit together perfectly.

Step 3: Light your gas stove and adjust the flame to max setting. Pre-heat the hot plate to the point where you can hear sizzling when the meat touches the surface of the hot plate. You may want to eventually lower the heat when the pace of eating slows.

Step 4: Always keep an eye on the meat that you’re grilling as overcooking them will create a lot of smoke. Put the cooked cuts of meat on the sides of the BBQ hot plate so that they will remain hot.

Step 5: Notice that the BBQ hot plate has a plug. When you are cooking meat with a lot of juices, leaving the plug in ensures that the marinade juices that you’ll be using won’t go anywhere when you grill. If you are grilling very fatty meats, you will want to take the plug out so that the oil drains away. Ensure you have a bowl to catch the liquids if you choose to remove the plug.

Step 7: Korean BBQ hot plates are very easy to wash and maintain. You can use warm water and ordinary dishwashing soap to clean it. Just avoid using abrasive cleaning materials to prevent your hot plate from getting scratches.

There you go! We at Korean BBQ Online wish you a very fun and awesome Korean BBQ feast, thanks to your easy-to-use Korean BBQ hot plate. Enjoy!

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  1. NattieReply

    Thank you for this great post, exactly what I needed! Just purchased the same plate as shown in your picture and didn’t know whether it was ok to cook with the plug in because it looks like it was made of plastic. Now I can’t wait for dinner 🙂

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