5 Korean dishes for non-spicy food lovers


5 Korean dishes for non-spicy food lovers

Koreans might be known for using a wide variety of spices to enhance the flavor of their dishes, but not all the awesome ones are spicy. So rejoice for lovers of non-spicy foods! You can still enjoy the best of Korean cuisine without the burning sensation and sweat that comes along with spiciness. Today we’ve compiled a list of some Korean dishes that foodies who don’t prefer the heat would definitely enjoy. Let’s get started!

Tteok-galbi (short rib patties)

ddeok galbi

Tteok-galbi (short rib patties) is a dish that is made out of seasoned, finely minced galbi. The grilled meat itself is very tender and is just a delight to eat with tteok (rice cake). This dish is also best eaten with plain noodle soup with non-spicy kimchi because the freshness of the soup will enhance the richness of this dish’s flavor. If this sounds deliciously tempting to you, then why don’t you make yourself one at home? Korean BBQ online has both marinated and non-marinated galbis that are ready to be delivered to your doorstep. Hassle-free on your end!



Of course bibimbap is a part of this list given its immense popularity. The balanced nature of this meal is one of its appealing factors considering that you’ll get to enjoy strips of meat, vegetables, egg, and rice in one serving of this dish. You can even add your own toppings if you want to! And given that you don’t like spicy food, then you can always use soy sauce or butter to replace the red chili paste that people typically add on bibimbap.

Han-jeongsik (Korean table d’hote)


Han-jeongsik (Korean table d’hote) is another proof of how Koreans are fond of enjoying a very balanced dish. This is a traditional “complete” set meal that was historically eaten by the Korean upper class. You have your rice, vegetables and a wide array of side dishes.

Juk (porridge)


Your typical porridge just got some healthy upgrade through juk (porridge). This light yet nutritious dish is just your healthy comfort food that will give you that extra energy and strength that you need on any given day. This porridge can also be digested easily and is really great for those who are recovering from sickness.

Saengseon-hoe (sliced raw fish)

sashimi (1)

Lovers of raw seafood, this is your moment! Saengseon-hoe (sliced raw fish) is not only tasty, it is also packed with nutrients that are not minimized because of the addition of unwanted preservatives. It is equivalent to Japanese “sashimi”. You can enhance the flavor of this dish by dipping the fish in soy sauce. And if you really want to continue your healthy eating streak, then you can even opt to wrap the raw fish in a vegetable leaf of your choice!
There are a lot more non-spicy Korean foods out there that are not included in this list, so feel free to share whatever you know on the comments down below. And if in case you want more non-spicy Korean food goodness, then check out what we offer only at Korean BBQ Online!

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